The City and its surroundings

Bergamo is one of the most picturesque and scenic cities of Northern Italy and the ideal jumping off site for many side trips in the surroundings and to other attractive areas of this part of the country. 

A discreet town, far away from the busiest tourism areas, to be discovered little by little, on a slow pace vacation, to make every single moment a kind of very private, personal discovery.

Built between the extensive Po Plane (the new part of town) and the first hills of the Alpine range (the old, historical part), right in the centre of the Italian Lake District, this artistic city affords gorgeous views and excursion possibilities towards both areas.

The sunny exposition of the site is ideal for lovely walks or longer hikes through the Bergamo Hills, a protected area, rich in greenery and very beautiful mansions. Ideal area for biking as well: bikes at our guests’disposal.

The historical centre of town, the Città Alta -just a central district of the city, so called because of the very convenient location- takes you back in time and is all to be discovered on foot, from our medieval house. The town features artistic pieces of architectural jewelry like Piazza Vecchia, Santa Maria Maggiore and the Colleoni Chapel. Bergamo boasts the most important private picture gallery in Italy, the Accademia Carrara and several very remarkable temporary exhibitions, attracting people from all over.

The new part of town is very easy to reach and definitely worth a visit. It dates back to the turn of the 19th and early 20th century. You can also stroll through the commercial medieval boroughs, nowadays a very busy shopping area.

Very good shopping possibilities also in Città Alta (shops opened seven days a week) and in the exclusive shops on the “Sentierone” – the most central area in the modern part of town- and in the nearby districts.

Across the highway, facing the local airport, is the largest shopping centre in Europe.

The surroundings

Thematic itineraries for art lovers are also available in town and around it. 

Bergamo surroundings are some of the most remarkable and you may organise trips by car or by public transportation.
You may discover the Bergamo valleys, like the Seriana, Brembana and Imagna valleys, the ski areas located in the heart of the local Prealps, enclosing impressive Dolomitic groups like the Presolana one, or reach the departure site of very renowned hiking trails, all along the Alta Via delle Prealpi Orobie.

If you do not particularly like mountains, you may feel more attracted by the flat area that features unique examples of industrial archaeology and where castles and churches are witnesses of our glorious past.

There are numerous possibilities for interesting and fun day trips from Bergamo. It is easy to reach the beautiful Northern Italian Lakes, such as the local Iseo lake, but also the very close Como and also the Garda, Maggiore, and Lugano ones, or the interesting cities around us, like Cremona, Mantova, Como, Verona, Brescia, Vigevano, Pavia.

Milan is 40 km away: there’s a train running every hour, appr.45 minutes ride, and a very efficient subway system, to take you around and visit, before heading happily back to Bergamo to enjoy the warmer and cosier atmosphere of our nights. In the old part of the city, the liveliest one, you will be able to find a nice place to relax, far away from traffic, while tasting local traditional dishes in one of the many friendly restaurants and “trattorie”.

On Sundays there’s a straight connection to Venice, by train.

Bergamo can be just a wonderful departure city for your tour of Italy: there's a daily straight train to Bologna, Florence, Rome and viceversa.

We are very willing to arrange any kind of visit or reservation for your stay in Bergamo.

You might also choose to simply relax, stroll quietly around, discovering plenty of hidden secret areas, centuries away from the bustling city. Or simply breath and be absorbed by the Italian way of life, sipping a cappuccino on one of the terraces on Piazza Vecchia, taking a romantic walk towards the breathtaking San Vigilio vista point, or just enjoy the slow pace life of this part of town: you will love it!